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A Shell Model of a Buried Pipe in a Seismic Environment.
Muleski, G. E.; Ariman, T.; Aumen, C. P.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., October 1978, 40 p.
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In a number of recent investigations, a buried pipe undergoing seismic excitation was modelled as a beam on a visco-elastic foundation. However, it is known that two of the observed failure modes in the buried pipelines under seismic loads are buckling and fracture. Therefore, in this paper, a thin circular cylindrical shell model in a resisting soil medium is used for a buried pipe. The coupled equilibrium equations arising from this model are modified to yield three decoupled equations which somewhat simplify the analysis. Then, an application for a long buried pipe is presented and the results are discussed and compared with those of the beam model.
Dynamic structural analysis; Dynamic response; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Pipelines; Earthquakes; Viscoelasticity; Underground structures; Cylindrical shells; Earth movements; Seismic waves