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OPTDYN - A General Purpose Optimization Program for Problems with or without Dynamic Constraints.
Bhatti, M. A.; Polak, E.; Pister, K. S.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., July 1979, 92 p.
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This report presents a general purpose optimization program for problems with or without dynamic (also called functional) constraints, such as those arising in the design of dynamically loaded structures and in designing controllers for linear multivariable systems using frequency response techniques. The program is based on an algorithm of the feasible directions type; a short description is included. It is written in Fortran IV language and runs on a CDC 6400 computer. Detailed description of logic of the main program and instructions for writing the user-supplied subroutines to define a particular problem are included. Three sample problems chosen from different fields are given to clarify the use of the program. Listings of the main program and user-supplied subroutines for two of the sample problems are given in the appendices.
CDC-6400 computers; Dynamic response; Ground motion; Nonlinear programming; Earthquake engineering; OPTDYN computer program; Computer programs; Seismic design; Earthquakes; Earth movements; Structures; Fortran; Fortran 4 programming language; Algorithms; Computer aided design; Dynamic structural analysis