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Dynamic Response of a Buried Pipe in a Seismic Environment.
Datta, S. K.; Shah, A. H.; El-Akily, N.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., August 1980, 36 p.
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Axisymmetric dynamic response of a buried pipe due to an incident compressional wave is the subject of this study. The pipe has been modelled as a thin cylindrical shell of linear homogeneous isotropic elastic material embedded in a linear isotropic homogeneous elastic medium of infinite extent. The response characteristics of the pipe due to changes in the material properties of the surrounding medium have been studied. It was found that even at long wavelengths and low frequencies the dynamic response is significantly altered by the changes in the Poisson's ratio and the rigidity modulus of the surrounding medium. In addition, it was found that there are real resonant frequencies of the pipe which are also significantly dependent on these quantities as well as on the wavelength.
Dynamic response; Earthquake engineering; Pipelines; Earthquakes; Vibration; Cylindrical shells; Subsurface structures; Mathematical models; Seismic waves