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Planar Mechanics of Fully Grouted Concrete Masonry.
Nunn, R. O.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Engineering and Applied Science., May 1980, 127 p.
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A continuum model for the planar behavior of fully grouted concrete masonry is developed from experimental data. Both unreinforced and reinforced masonry are treated. The form of the elastic law, in values of the elastic moduli and the elastic damping constant are determined. Prism end conditions are discussed and uniaxial tensile strength direction dependence is described. A biaxial fracture law, applying when one principal stress is tensile, is presented, and a plasticity model for post-fracture behavior of reinforced masonry is developed. Normality of the plastic strain rate is shown to hold at several points on the loading surface, and a stress rate-total strain rate matrix for plastic behavior is derived. Many graphs, tables, and diagrams amplify the text.
Grout; Tensile properties; Elastic properties; Earthquake engineering; Mechanical hysteresis; Masonry; Earthquakes; Reinforced concrete; Concrete construction; Concrete structures