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The Seismic Resistant Design of R/C Coupled Structural Walls.
Aktan, A. E.; Bertero, V. V.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., June 1981, 240 p.
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Integrated analytical and experimental research on the seismic response of R/C structural wall-frame structures has been conducted at U.C. Berkeley for the past decade. Recently considerable efforts have been devoted to the study of the seismic behavior of coupled structural walls and their behavior in wall-frame structural systems. This report documents the progress of that study. A survey of existing analytical and experimental work regarding the seismic response of R/C wall and coupled wall-frame systems, as well as relevant documented post-earthquake studies on these systems, are presented in the first part of this report. An assessment of the states of the art and practice regarding the design of building structures incorporating these systems is included. Studies and design and fabrication of the required testing facility necessary for conducting the experimental investigation of seismic behavior of a 1/3-scale model of a 4 1/2-story coupled wall subassemblage belonging to a 15-story prototype structure, are described in the main portion of this report. Analytical studies of the seismic responses of the prototype buildings are summarized briefly.
Seismic design; Earthquake resistant structures; Shear walls; Reinforced concrete; Construction joints; Mathematical models; Walls; Dynamic response; Buildings; Coupled walls; Dynamic structural analysis