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Seismic Response of Port and Harbor Facilities.
Werner, S. D.; Hung, S. J.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., October 1982, 354 p.
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This report evaluates the seismic response characteristics of port and harbor facilities in terms of: (1) the lessons to be learned from the observed behavior of such facilities during earthquakes; (2) the adequacy of their current seismic design provisions; and (3) the use of dynamic analysis to enhance these design provisions. It was found that: (1) the potential for damage to port and harbor facilities is most strongly related to porewater pressure buildup in the surrounding soil materials; (2) the current seismic design provisions for such facilities often fail to consider many of the possible effects of earthquake ground motions; (3) dynamic analysis can enhance the earthquake resistant design of port and harbor facilities; and (4) deterministic total stress methods of dynamic analysis are applicable to port and harbor facilities. The continuing development of deterministic effective stress methods and probabilistic methods should add significantly to these existing dynamic stress capabilities.
Dynamic response; Ground motion; Pore pressure; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic design; Earthquakes; Harbors; Liquefaction (Soils); Seaports; Dynamic structural analysis