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Methodology for the Dynamic Analysis of Bridge/Abutment/Backfill Systems Subjected to Traveling Seismic Waves.
Dendrou, B. D.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., March 1983, 254 p.
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This report describes an advanced methodology (BASSIN), for analyzing traveling seismic wave effects on the dynamic response of an arbitarily-configured, elastic bridge system (comprised of a road deck, piers, abutments, backfill, etc.). A substructuring approach has been used to formulate BASSIN; in this, the bridge system is represented using a three-dimensional finite element model, and the underlying soil is depicted using a boundary element approach based on elastic half-space theory. Seismic excitations are induced by plane body waves or Raleigh waves with arbitrary direction of incidence, wavelength, and amplitude. BASSIN allows for a fully deformable interface between the bridge system and the underlying soil, and incorporates a special modal truncation procedure to account for higher mode response characteristics.
Dynamic response; BASSIN 1 computer program; Computer programming; BASSIN 2 computer program; Earthquake engineering; Earthquakes; Soil structure interactions; Computer applications; Backfills; Elastic theory; Bridge abutments; Bridges (Structures); Seismic waves