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US/Japan Cooperative Research Prrogram in Earthquake Engineering on Repair and Retrofit of Structures. Proceedings of the Second Seminar Held at Sendai and Tsukuba, Japan on May 16-18, 1981.
Hanson, R. D.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., May 1981, 433 p.
Papers delivered at the seminar are presented. Among the topics addressed are the development of retrofit guidelines for highway briges; the seismic resistance of interior partitions; the epoxy repair of concrete components under fire exposure; the repair and strengthening of masonry; the effect of infills in seismic resistant buildings; and soil modification to reduce the potential for liquefaction. It is concluded that the addition of infills introduces significant changes in the dynamic characteristic of the bare moment resisting frame. It modifies the modes of vibration and the damping of the specimens. The stiffness of buildings is found to increase significantly when all the frames are infilled. Solid bricks reinforced externally with welded wire fabric are conluded to offer considerable advantages over the use of the bare frame. Seminar participants are listed and the agenda is provided.
Dynamic response; Foreign technology; Ground motion; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Meetings; Highway bridges; Earthquakes; Mechanical hysteresis; Soil structure interactions; Soil properties; Liquefaction (Soils); Concrete structures; Maintenance; Dynamic structural analysis