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Special Studies Related to the Imperial Valley Earthquake of October 15, 1979.
Anderson, J. G.; Brune, J. N.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., August 30, 1982, 252 p.
Results are presented of research on the Imperial Valley earthquake of October 15, 1979. A thesis is summarized which presents a formulation for subsurface slip on a known fault as the solution to an inverse problem in which recorded surface ground motion is the data, and which suggests a new method for computing the complete elastic response of a vertically heterogeneous halfspace. Appendices contain a description of strong motion accelerograms recorded in the earthquake from sites south of the border; a preliminary analysis of the accelerograms; an explanation of special problems originating with various accelerograms; an evaluation of the performance of the digital accelerographs in Mexico; and a description of a formal inversion of all the strong ground motion data used to obtain the details of the earthquake source mechanism during the earthquake.
Ground motion; Imperial Valley (California); Earthquake engineering; Data acquisition; Earthquakes; California; Geological faults; Seismic waves