NEHRP Clearinghouse

Strong Motion Effects Due to Seismic Waves in Dipping Layers.
Dravinski, M.
National Science Foundation, Washington DC., September 1983, 216 p.
Six papers are presented. The first investigates the antiplane strain model for scattering of plane SH waves by dipping layers of arbitrary shape. The indirect boundary method is utilized and shown to provide very good results for a wide range of frequencies. The second paper reports on a study of steady state wave motion for diffraction of plane P, SV, and Rayleigh waves by dipping layers of arbitrary shape. The third paper discusses the use of an indirect boundary integral equation approach to examine amplification of motion caused by diffraction and scattering of a plane harmonic SH-wave by a layered medium in the Los Angeles basin. Paper four reports on the effect of inclusion shape upon ground motion and paper five examines ground motion amplification due to elastic inclusions in a half-space. The final paper addresses the amplification of P, SV, and Rayleigh waves by two alluvial valleys.
Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Earthquakes; Plane waves; Boundary layer; Harmonic analysis; Mathematical models; Boundary value problems; Seismic waves