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Analytical Models for the Dynamics of Buildings.
Jain, S. K.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., January 1983, 215 p.
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This thesis investigates the significance of in-plane floor flexibility on the dynamics of buildings, and develops analytical models for structures that have flexible floor diaphragms. Experience with past earthquakes demonstrates that this feature is particularly important for long, narrow buildings and buildings with stiff end walls. Floors of multistory buildings with end walls (or frames) are idealized as equivalent, distributed beams while the walls or frames are treated as bending or shear beams. Buildings with large numbers of uniform stories and frames (or walls) are treated as vertically-oriented anisotropic plates. It is concluded that the floors in such buildings can be assumed rigid for seismic analysis, since the modes involving floor deformations are not excited by uniform ground motion.
Floors; Bending; Buildings; Theses; Earthquake resistant structures; Boundaries; Vibration; Shear properties; Equations of motion; Walls; Acceleration; Flexibility; Diaphragms (Mechanics); Mathematical models; Deformation; Multistory buildings; Seismology; Beams (Structural); Dynamic structural analysis