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Static and Cyclic Behavior of Semi-Rigid Steel Beam-Column Connections.
Azizinamini, A.; Bradburn, J. H.; Radziminski, J. B.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., March 1985, 234 p.
Results are presented of a study undertaken to investigate the behavior of semi-rigid beam-to-column connections subjected to static and cyclic loadings. Tests were conducted on bolted connections comprised of top and seat beam flange angles and double web angles to evaluate cyclic performance under constant amplitude and variable amplitude displacements and to determine moment-rotation behavior under static loading. From the constant amplitude cyclic tests, linear log-log equations were established. Empirical relationships established by the tests were applied to a linear cumulative damage model and the results of several variable amplitude block cyclic tests are compared with damage summations predicted by the model. Geometric parameters which affect connection performance were quantified by the static tests, and are compared with analytical models to predict initial stiffness and complete non-linear moment-rotation behavior of the connections.
Tests; Steel structures; Earthquake engineering; Beams (Supports); Rigidity; Static loads; Fatigue tests; Earthquake resistant structures; Equations; Joints (Junctions); Columns (Supports); Mathematical models; Cyclic loads; Structural flanges; Dynamic structural analysis