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Model for the Rigid Body Motions of Skew Bridges.
Maragakis, E.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., cJanuary 1984, 245 p.
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This thesis investigates the rigid body motions of skew bridges, concentrating on the in-plane translational and rotational displacements of the bridge deck induced by impact between the deck and the abutments. Experience in the San Fernando Earthquake of February 9, 1971 demonstrates that this feature is particularly important for skew bridges. A simple model, in which the bridge deck is represented by a rigid rod restricted by column and abutment springs is examined first. The abutments are treated as rigid bodies and the soil embankments as Winkler Foundations with elastic spring constants increasing with depth. The response of a more complicated bridge model applied to a bridge near Riverside, California is examined at the end of the thesis and examples of the results are given.
Theses; Earthquake engineering; Highway bridges; Bridge decks; Skew bridges; Rotation; Mathematical models; Structural analysis; Bridge abutments; Dynamic structural analysis