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Seismic Water Pressures on Dams for Arbitrarily Shaped Reservoirs.
Huang, L. C.; Chwang, A. T.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., September 1985, 102 p.
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An Accurate hydrodynamic pressure distribution on the vertical upstream face of a flexible dam due to ground excitations is obtained for a three-dimensional, arbitrarily shaped reservoir with a rigid vertical side boundary. The solution for the velocity potential is expressed analytically in terms of a set of line integrals along the reservoir boundary. The matrix equation is solved numerically and the hydrodynamic pressure distribution on the dam-reservoir interface is determined in terms of the velocity potential through the Bernoulli equation. An integration of the hydrodynamic pressure distribution yields the total earthquake loading on a dam. The effect of the surface waves and the compressibility effect of water on seismic water pressures have been studied in detail. It is found that the compressibility of water and the flexibility of a dam change significantly the hydrodynamic pressure force acting on the dam.
Response; Dams; Boundary integral method; Flexible foundations; Boundaries; Earthquakes; Hydrodynamics; Reservoirs; Mathematical models; Deformation; Pressure; Seismic waves