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Cyclic Loading Tests of Masonry Single Piers. Volume 4. Addditional Tests with Height to Width Ratio of 1.
Sveinsson, B. I.; McNiven, H. D.; Sucuoglu, H.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., December 1985, 167 p.
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The report presents the results of thirty cyclic, in-plane shear tests on fixed ended masonry piers having a height to width ratio of 1.0. These thirty tests form the final part of a test program consisting of ninety-three single pier tests. Previous reports have presented the test results from sixty-three such tests. The test setup was designed to simulate, insofar as possible, the boundary conditions the piers would experience in a perforated shear wall of a complete building. Each test specimen was a full scale pier 48 inches high and 40 inches wide. Three types of masonry construction were used; a hollow concrete block, hollow clay brick and a double wythe grouted core clay brick that consisted of two brick wythes and a 3 inch grouted core. All the piers were fully grouted. The parameters considered in this investigation were the level of bearing stress, the amount of horizontal reinforcement, the anchorage of horizontal reinforcement and the distribution of vertical reinforcement.
Shear tests; Bricks; Buildings; Supports; Earthquake engineering; Masonry; Piers; Concrete blocks; Cyclic loads; Dynamic structural analysis