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Characterization of Amplitudes of Strong Ground Motion and Response Time Histories.
Pauschke, J. M.; Chatterjee, J.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Directorate for Engineering., May 1986, 316 p.
Two methods to characterize the largest amplitudes and strong motion duration of ground motion and response time histories are investigated. The dependence of the two-parameter characterization of an earthquake time history, rms acceleration, which characterizes the amplitudes sustained over a given duration, on the duration measure is addressed for ground motion and response time histories. This study focuses on rms acceleration as a response parameter. The adequacy of selected exponential and exponential-like (Rayleigh and Weibull) probability distributions to predict the largest peaks of ground motion and response time histories is investigated.
RMS (Root Mean Square); Exponential density functions; Reaction time; Amplitude; Seismic waves; Probability density functions; Acceleration (Physics); Motion; Earthquakes