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U.S.-Japan Coordinated Program for Masonry Building Research: Out-of-Plane Dynamic Testing of Concrete Masonry Walls. Volume 2. Test Results.
Agbabian, M. S.; Adham, S. A.; Masri, S. F.; Avanessian, V.; Traina, I.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC. Directorate for Engineering., July 1989, 167 p.
The report addresses the dynamic testing of four reinforced concrete masonry walls as part of the Technical Coordinating Committee for Masonry Research (TCCMAR) program. These walls were subjected to a series of out-of-plane dynamic earthquake motions. The basic objectives of these tests were to (a) verify analytical models for out-of-plane response of tall slender masonry walls, (b) support the development of strength design procedures for masonry walls, (c) evaluate the seismic response of tall slender masonry walls as designed by current building codes, and (d) evaluate a significant number of parameters used in the design and construction of these walls. Volume II of the two volume report provides detailed selected test results processed during the program. The plots presented were filtered and presented as time histories.
; Response; Seismic detection; Dynamic tests; Masonry; Earthquakes; Test methods; Flexural strength; Reinforced concrete; Walls; Mathematical models; Design; Panels