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Experimental Verification of a Number of Structural System Identification Algorithms.
Ghanem, R. G.; Gavin, H.; Shinozuka, M.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., September 18, 1991, 423 p.
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The investigation examines the application of four system identification techniques to problems of earthquake engineering. A number of techniques for structural system identification has been developed which successfully identify properties of linearized and time-invariant equivalent structural systems. In the paper, a number of structural identification algorithms are reviewed and applied to the identification of structural systems subjected to earthquake excitations. The algorithms are applied to experimental data obtained in controlled laboratory conditions. The data pertains to the acceleration records from two building models subjected to various loading conditions. The performance of the various identification algorithms is critically assessed and guidelines are obtained regarding their suitability to various engineering applications.
; Dynamic response; Kalman filters; Seismic waves; Earthquake engineering; Earthquakes; Structural vibration; Verification; Least squares method; Mathematical models; Algorithms; Dynamic structural analysis