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Earthquake Resistant Construction Using Base Isolation: Earthquake Protection in Buildings through Base Isolation. Volume 1.
Raufaste, N. J.
April 1992, 162 p.
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The report is Volume 1 of a two volume series on energy dissipating systems for buildings and other structures. The volume, Earthquake Protection in Buildings through Base Isolation describes energy dissipating systems and reviews their applications and effectiveness. The documents include guidelines for evaluating energy dissipating systems and a directory of the systems used in buildings and other structures. The two volume reports were produced by the Building Center of Japan under sponsorship of the Japanese Ministry of Construction (MOC) to describe the state-of-art of energy dissipating systems and to review their use in mitigating damages from earthquakes. The subjects addressed in these reports include: the history and types of passive energy dissipators; their applications, evaluations, and performance; and case histories of these systems exposed to seismic loading.
Dynamic response; Shock resistance; Foreign technology; Buildings; Vibration isolators; Earthquake resistant structures; Earthquake engineering; Performance evaluation; Guidelines; Structural vibration; Foundations; Translations; Vibration damping; Structural members; Design criteria; Japan; Case histories; Effectiveness; Seismic waves