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Reliability of Concrete Masonry Wall Structures.
Hart, G. C.; Zorapapel, G. T.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., December 1991, 232 p.
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The research is divided into four parts. The First Part, treated in Chapter 2, studies the sensitivity of the lateral force-deformation behavior of a reinforced concrete masonry flexural wall to the variations in material characteristics and magnitude of the axial force. The Second Part (Chapter 4), provides a new statement of the wall reliability problem independent of the strong motion excitation, and solves the problem for the wall studied in the First Part. Finally, the Third Part (Chapter 5) expands on the findings of the previous chapter to provide a new insight into the reliability of structural systems composed of reinforced concrete masonry walls, based on conclusions regarding the system ductility and redundancy effects. Chapter 3 and Appendix E identify and solve a new problem of the reliability theory: the safety index in a multistate space.
; Reliability; Research management; Earthquake engineering; Masonry; Seismic design; Lateral pressure; Walls; Concrete structures; Axial stress