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Trial Designs Made in Accordance with Tentative Limit States Design Standards for Reinforced Masonry Buildings.
Kariotis, J. C.; Waqfi, O. M.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., February 1992, 242 p.
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The end product of the research is the development of seismic design recommendations that will utilize masonry materials in a cost-effective manner. Cost-effective use of masonry in the United States must consider first cost and limitation of possible damage due to natural hazards such as earthquakes. A draft of a Masonry Limit States Design Standard (Tentative Standard) has been written and is being reviewed by a Joint Masonry Standard Committee of the ACI, ASCE and TMS. The Tentative Standard utilizes the NEHRP Recommended Provisions as a reference for general seismic design provisions. However, the Tentative Standard includes recommendations for seismic design in accordance with a limit states design as the NEHRP Recommended Provisions coordinates its seismic design provisions with working stress standards such as ACI/ASCE 530.
; Earthquake damage; Damping; Buildings; Reinforcement (Structures); Earthquake engineering; Loads (Forces); Masonry; Structural design; Mechanical properties; Walls; Stiffness; Structural members; Moments; Displacement; Earth movements; Seismic effects; Design standards; Mathematical models; Deformation