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Preliminary Report on the Principal Geotechnical Aspects of the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake.
Stewart, J. P.; Bray, J. D.; Seed, R. B.; Sitar, N.
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.; David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Los Altos, CA., June 1994, 260 p.
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This report documents the available geotechnical data from the Northridge, California earthquake of Jan. 17, 1994. The aspects of the earthquake discussed in the report include (1) the characteristics of the ground motions and consequent damage patterns; (2) the occurrences of ground failure and landslides; and (3) the performance of geotechnical structures including dams, structural fills, earth retaining structures, and solid waste landfills. Contributors to the report include researchers, consulting engineers, and public officials.
Failure; Performance evaluation; Damage assessment; Dams; Earth movements; Structures; Maps; San Gabriel mountains; Earthquake damage; Los Angeles (California); San Fernando Valley; Seismic epicenter; Earthquakes; Soil properties; Northridge Earthquake; Liquefaction; Earth fills; California; Solid wastes; Geological faults; Seismographs; Earthquake resistant structures; Landslides