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Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, July/August 1994. Volume 99, Number 4. Special Issue: Extreme Value Theory and Applications. Proceedings of the Conference on Extreme Value Theory and Applications, Volume 2. Held at Gaithersburg, Maryland, in May 1993.
May 1993, 302 p.
It appears that the authors live in an age of disasters: the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers flood millions of acres, earthquakes hit Tokyo and California, airplanes crash due to mechanical failure, and powerful windstorms cause increasingly costly damage. While these may seem to be unexpected phenomena to the man in the street, they are actually happening according to well defined rules of science known as extreme value theory. The Proceedings are published in three Volumes. Volume I, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, contains papers of general interest in extreme value theory and practice. Volume II, this Special Issue of the NIST Journal of Research, contains papers deemed by the Committee to be most directly relevant to NIST's mission. Volume III, NIST Special Publication 866, contains papers selected for their important contribution to a number of specialized topics. Applications considered in Volume II include damage because of ocean waves, high winds, seismic waves, ionizing radiation, floods, and corrosion.
Uses; Bayesian analysis; Aerosols; Ozone; Weibull density functions; Extreme-value problems; Fatigue limit; Extremum values; Seismic risk; Ground motion; Ocean waves; Meetings; Spacecraft electronic equipment; Failure analysis; Wind velocity; Corrosion; Floods; Radiation damage; Loads (Forces); Risk analysis; Sequences (Mathematics); Multivariate analysis; Extreme value theory; Microelectronics