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Performance of 1/3-Scale Model Precast Concrete Beam-Column Connections Subjected to Cyclic Inelastic Loads. Report No. 4.
Cheok, G. S.; Stone, W. C.
June 1994, 74 p.
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Test results of four hybrid post-tensioned concrete beam-to-column connections are presented. The objective of the test program is to develop guidelines for the design of moment resistant precast connections in regions of high seismicity. The hybrid connections consist of mild steel used as energy dissipators and post-tensioning steel used to provide the required shear resistance. Variables examined were different amounts and type of mild steel. The amount of post-tensioning steel was kept constant. The specimens were subjected to reversed cyclic loading in accordance with a prescribed displacement history. The performances of the connections were evaluated based on comparisons of energy dissipation capacity, connection strength, and drift capacity with previous NIST tests. The results show that a hybrid precast connection can be designed so that it matches the performance of a monolithic connection in terms of energy dissipation, strength, and drift capacity.
; Earthquake resistant structures; Beams (Supports); Earthquake engineering; Stress analysis; Failure modes; Structural failure; Precast concrete; Model tests; Concrete structures; Structural analysis; Construction joints; Cyclic loads; Compressive strength