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Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Subassemblages.
Filippou, F. C.; D'Ambrisi, A.; Issa, A.
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.; Istituto Superiore di Ricerca sui Materiali Speciali, Terni (Italy).; Italian Dottorato di Ricerca Meccanica delle Strutture, Bologna (Italy)., August 1992, 198 p.
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This study is devoted to the development of improved models and methods for predicting the nonlinear static and dynamic response of reinforced concrete frames. To achieve the general objective, new models for reinforced concrete girders were proposed in an earlier study; each girder was decomposed into a number of subelements which were connected in series. Three subelements were developed in the earlier study: (a) an elastic subelement which models the flexural behavior of the frame member before yielding of the reinforcement; (b) a spread plastic subelement which describes the inelastic flexural behavior of the reinforced concrete member and accounts for the gradual spread of inelastic deformation at the member ends; and (c) a joint subelement modeling the fixed-end rotation that arises at the beam-column interface due to bond deterioration and slippage of reinforcing bars along the anchorage in the joint. The present study introduces several new subelements. The first is a shear subelement which describes the deformation due to shear. The other subelements refer to hysteretic behavior of reinforced concrete columns and are extensions of the corresponding girder subelements to account for the effect of axial load on the flexural and shear behavior of the member. The proposed reinforced concrete frame models are implemented in a special purpose computer program for the nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of reinforced concrete frames.
; Dynamic response; Ground motion; Structural components; Earthquake engineering; Reinforcement (Structures); Earthquake resistant structures; Stress analysis; Reinforced concrete; Stiffness; Girders; Displacement; Structural analysis; Dynamic models; Nonlinear systems