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Simplified Design Procedure for Hybrid Precast Concrete Connections.
Cheok, G. S.; Stone, W. C.; Nakaki, S. D.
Concrete Research Council, Detroit, MI., February 1996, 98 p.
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A design procedure is presented to compute the maximum (plastic) moment, and the story drift capacities of a hybrid precast moment-resisting beam-to-column connection. The hybrid connections consist of mild steel which is used to dissipate energy by yielding and high strength prestressing steel which is used to provide the shear resistance through friction developed at the beam-column interface by the post-tensioning force. The design procedure is based on three 1/3-scale hybrid precast beam-to-column connections tested at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The simplified procedure relies on the stess-strain behavior of mild steel up to its ultimate strength and is based on equilibrium equations at the beam-column joint. The appendices include a proposed evaluation criteria for this hybrid connection, sample calculations using the design procedure, and other calculations used to develop the design criteria.
; Dynamic response; Buildings; Earthquake resistant structures; Beams (Supports); Design criteria; Precast concrete; Construction joints