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Method of Estimating the Parameters of Tuned Mass Dampers for Seismic Applications.
Sadek, F.; Mohraz, B.; Taylor, A. W.; Chung, R. M.
National Inst. of Standards and Technology (BFRL), Gaithersburg, MD. Structures Div., April 1996, 48 p.
The optimum parameters of tuned mass dampers (TMD) that result in considerable reduction in the response of structures to seismic loading are presented. The criterion used to obtain the optimum parameters is to select, for given mass ratio, the frequency (tuning) and damping ratios that would result in equal and larger modal damping in the first two modes of vibration. The parameters are used to compute the response of several single and multi-degree-of-freedom structures with TMDs to different earthquake excitations. The results indicate that the use of the proposed parameters reduces the displacement and acceleration responses significantly. It is shown that as a result of selecting the parameters as proposed in this paper, significant reduction in the response of tall buildings can be achieved.
Passive systems; Dynamic response; Seismic waves; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Tuning; Loads (Forces); Structural vibration; Vibration damping; Dampers; Structural response; Seismic effects; Degrees of freedom; Passive control; Seismic loads; Energy dissipation