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Repair/Upgrade Procedures for Welded Beam to Column Connections.
Anderson, J. C.; Duan, X.
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., May 1998, 242 p.
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Experimental and analytical studies are conducted on four repair/upgrade details for welded moment connections. The first of these seeks to improve the weld material without doing anything to the beam and column sections at the joint (weld enhancement). The simplest of these removes the cracked weld material and replaces it with a more ductile, notch-tough weld material (weld replacement). A more recently developed procedure places a layer of weld material having a higher notch toughness on top of the existing welds (weld overlay). The second weld repair/retrofit detail considers the addition of rectangular cover plates to the top and bottom beam flanges. The plates which are the same width as the beam flange are beveled to permit partial penetration welds along the sides. A variation of this detail adds a rectangular miniplate which is half the length and width of a full sized plate to the top and bottom beam flanges.
; Welded joints; Earthquake engineering; Beams (Supports); Finite element analysis; Columns (Supports); Framed structures; Retrofitting