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  • Fornari, D. J.; Garcia, M. O.; Tyce, R. C.; Gallo, D. G.
    Morphology and Structure of Loihi Seamount Based on Seabeam Sonar Mapping.
    December 10, 1988, 16 p.
    Keywords: Mapping; Sonar; Seabeam sonar; Rift zones; Ocean bottom topography; Hawaii; Asymmetry; Ridges; Maps; Reprints; Volcanoes; Marine geology; Vents; Craters; Earthquakes; Morphology; Loihi Seamount; Valleys; Mass flow; Tectonics; Bathymetry; Sonar mapping; Volcanism; Multiple beams (Radiation); Rings; Mass wasting; Dikes; Multibeam sonar; Slope; Structural geology; Seamounts