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  • Lin, R. C.; Soong, T. T.; Reinhorn, A. M.
    Experimental Evaluation of Instantaneous Optimal Algorithms for Structural Control.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., April 20, 1987, 64 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NCEER-87-0002
    Keywords: ; Earthquakes; Automatic control; Feedback control; Structures; Computerized simulation; Seismology; Algorithms

  • Polak, E.; Meeker, G.; Yamada, K.; Kurata, N.
    Evaluation of an Active Variable-Damping-Structure.
    Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Bolling AFB, DC.; National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., February 1993, 86 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-93/02
    Keywords: ; Earthquake engineering; Loads (Forces); Seismic design; Automatic control; Numerical analysis; Vibration damping; Mathematical models

  • Basharkhah, M. A.; Yao, J. T. P.
    Application of Modern Control Theory for Building Structures.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., January 1982, 76 p.
    Identifying Number(s): CE-STR-82-89
    Keywords: Dynamic structural analysis; Dynamic response; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Seismic design; Structural design; Automatic control; Linear systems; Control theory