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  • Teran-Gilmore, A.; Bertero, V. V.; Youssef, N.
    Seismic Rehabilitation of Framed Buildings Infilled with Unreinforced Masonry Walls Using Post-Tensioned Steel Braces.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., June 1995, 283 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-95/06
    Keywords: URM (Unreinforced Masonry); Earthquake resistance; Bracing; Dynamic structural analysis; Steel structures; Dynamic response; Reinforcing steels; Buildings; Masonry; Structural vibration; Earthquake engineering; Mechanical properties; EQGM (Earthquake Ground Motion); Reinforced concrete; Vibration damping; Stiffness; Frame structures; Columns (Supports); Beams (Structural); Retrofitting

  • Jain, S. K.
    Analytical Models for the Dynamics of Buildings.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., January 1983, 215 p.
    Identifying Number(s): EERL-83-02
    Keywords: Floors; Bending; Buildings; Theses; Earthquake resistant structures; Boundaries; Vibration; Shear properties; Equations of motion; Walls; Acceleration; Flexibility; Diaphragms (Mechanics); Mathematical models; Deformation; Multistory buildings; Seismology; Beams (Structural); Dynamic structural analysis

  • Spacone, E.; Ciampi, V.; Filippou, F. C.
    Beam Element for Seismic Damage Analysis.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., August 1992, 134 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-92/07
    Keywords: ; Earthquake damage; Dynamic response; Numerical integration; Structural components; Earthquake engineering; Structural vibration; Finite element method; Structural engineering; Stiffness; Structural response; Structural analysis; Deformation; Nonlinear systems; Beams (Structural)

  • Blackman, B.; Popov, E. P.
    Studies in Steel Moment Resisting Beam-to-Column Connections for Seismic-Resistant Design.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.; American Inst. of Steel Construction, Chicago, IL., October 1995, 158 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-95/11
    Keywords: ; Earthquake resistance; Load distribution; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Failure (Mechanics); Loads (Forces); Seismic design; Welds; Joints (Junctions); Brittleness; Structural steels; Failure analysis; Seismic effects; Structural members; Structural response; Columns (Supports); Beams (Structural); Dynamic structural analysis

  • Valles, R. E.; Reinhorn, A. M.; Kunnath, S. K.; Li, C.; Madan, A.
    IDARC2D Version 4.0: A Computer Program for the Inelastic Damage Analysis of Buildings.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., June 3, 1996, 351 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NCEER-96-0010
    Keywords: Damage assessment; Computer programs; Walls; Inelastic stress; Panels; Earthquake damage; IDARC2D computer program; Connectors; Hysteresis; Vibration isolators; Columns (Supports); Computerized simulation; Bending; Buildings; Rigidity; Vibration damping; Seismic effects; Flexibility; Deformation; Framed structures; Nonlinear systems; Dynamic structural analysis; Structural vibration; Beams (Structural)

  • Reinhorn, A. M.; Roh, H.; Sivaselvan, M.; Kunnath, S. K.; Valles, R. E.; Madan, A.; Lobo, R.; Park, Y. J.
    IDARC2D Version 7.0: A Program for the Inelastic Damage Analysis of Structures (MCEER-09-0006).
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA. Earthquake Engineering Research Centers Program., July 28, 2009, 410 p.
    Identifying Number(s): MCEER-09-0006
    Keywords: ; Panels; Earthquake damage; Buildings; Computer programs; Connectors; Damage assessment; Structural vibration; Vibration damping; Walls; Seismic effects; Inelastic stress; Columns (Supports); Framed structures; Nonlinear systems; Beams (Structural); Dynamic structural analysis