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  • Balopoulou, S.; Grigoriu, M.
    Seismic Response of Nominally Symmetric Systems with Strength Uncertainty.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., December 23, 1997, 216 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NCEER-97-0015
    Keywords: Acceleration (Physics); Buildings; Building codes; El Centro earthquake; Earthquake engineering; Lateral pressure; Seismic design; Probability theory; Torsion; Mathematical models; Eccentricity; Motion

  • Mosalam, K. M.; White, R. N.; Gergely, P.
    Seismic Evaluation of Frames with Infill Walls Using Pseudo-Dynamic Experiments.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., December 31, 1997, 108 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NCEER-97-0020
    Keywords: ; Earthquake engineering; Cracking (Fracturing); Mechanical hysteresis; Masonry; Seismic design; Walls; Algorithms; Framed structures

  • Mosalam, K. M.; White, R. N.; Gergely, P.
    Seismic Evaluation of Frames with Infill Walls Using Quasi-Static Experiments.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., December 31, 1997, 114 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NCEER-97-0019
    Keywords: ; Buildings; Steel structures; Earthquake engineering; Cracking (Fracturing); Masonry; Seismic design; Walls; Shear stress; Framed structures; Cyclic loads

  • Constantinou, M. C.; Soong, T. T.; Dargush, G. F.
    Passive Energy Dissipation Systems for Structural Design and Retrofit.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.; New York State Government, Albany.; Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC.; Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC., cJuly 31, 1998, 324 p.
    Identifying Number(s): ['MCEER-MONO-1', 'ISBN-0-9656682-1-5']
    Keywords: ; Passive systems; Energy dissipation; Energy absorbers; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Visoelastic damping; Hysteresis; Seismic design; Structural design; Vibration damping; Dampers; Nonlinear analysis; Mathematical models; Structural memebers; Retrofitting

  • Kasalanati, A.; Constantinou, M. C.
    Experimental Study of Bridge Elastomeric and Other Isolation and Energy Dissipation Systems with Emphasis on Uplift Prevention and High Velocity Near-Source Seismic Excitation.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., February 26, 1999, 242 p.
    Identifying Number(s): MCEER-99-0004
    Keywords: ; Vibration isolators; Earthquake engineering; Axial loads; Seismic design; Bearing; Lateral pressure; Vibration damping; Elastomers; Bridges (Structures)

  • Lew, H. S.
    Supporting Document for Rehabilitation Cost Estimates of FEMA Existing Buildings.
    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC., March 1999, 130 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NISTIR-6315
    Keywords: ; Earthquake engineering; Marylands; Seismic design; Washington; Cost estimates; Virginia; Federal buildings; Design standards; Massachusettes; Structural stability

  • Cauffman, S. A.; Lew, H. S.
    Standards of Seismic Safety for Existing Federally Owned and Leased Buildings.
    January 2002, 34 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NISTIR-6762
    Keywords: ; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Seismic design; Federal buildings; Leasing; Safety standards; Retrofitting

  • Bieniawski, A.; Todd, D.
    How-To Suggestions for Implementing Executive Order 12941 on Seismic Safety of Existing Federal Buildings, A Handbook.
    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC. Office of Mitigation and Research., November 1995, 214 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NISTIR-5770
    Keywords: ; Earthquake resistance; Building codes; Earthquake engineering; Reinforcement (Structures); Seismic design; Structural design; Cost estimates; Regulatory guides; Safety engineering; Inventories; Federal buildings; Design standards; Cost analysis; Retrofitting

  • Mohraz, B.; Chung, R. M.; McLane, T. R.
    Recommendations of the Lifeline Policymakers Workshop. Held in January, 1997.
    October 1997, 54 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NISTIR-6085
    Keywords: Hazards; Sewers; Risk assessment; Seismic design; Public safety; Water supply; Liquid fuels; Standards; Telecommunications; Guidelines; Policy making; Electric power; Public utilities; Ground motion; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Meetings; National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program; Transportation systems; Recommendations; Natural gas; Transportation networks

  • Schiff, A.
    Guide to Improved Earthquake Performance of Electric Power Systems.
    National Inst. of Standards and Technology (BFRL), Gaithersburg, MD.; National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., September 1998, 328 p.
    Keywords: ; Electric power distribution; Design analysis; Earthquake engineering; Vulnerability; Electric power systems; Substations; Seismic design; Electric power production; Communication sysltems; Facilities management; Seismic effects; Electric power plants; Operation and maintenance; Electric utilities; Electric power generation; Control systems; Dynamic structural analysis