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  • Henson, B.
    UCAR Corporate Report 1992.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., June 1993, 59 p.
    Keywords: Storms; Atmospheric circulation; Air quality; Ecology; Government policies; University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; Atmospheric physics; Air pollution; Climate; Meteorological satellites; Research projects; Greenhouse effects; Weather forecasting

  • Summary of Awards, Fiscal Year 1977. RANN - Research Applied to National Needs.
    January 1977, 124 p.
    Identifying Number(s): ['NSF-77-74', 'NSF/RA-780056']
    Keywords: ; Environmental impacts; Policies; Grants; Cost effectiveness; Pollution; Earthquake resistant structures; Hazardous materials; Earthquakes; Sludge disposal; Project planning; Sewage treatment; Air pollution; Weather modification; Organic compounds; Land use; Research projects; Regional planning; Metals

  • RANN 2. Realizing Knowledge as a Resource. Proceedings of the Symposium on Research Applied to National Needs (2nd). Volume IV. Coping with Man-Made and Natural Hazards.
    January 1977, 179 p.
    Identifying Number(s): ['NSF-77-54', 'NSF/RA-770248']
    Keywords: Universities; Research management; Hazards; Risk; Meetings; Earthquakes; National Science Foundation; Government policies; Air pollution; Technology transfer; Water pollution; Objectives; Industries; Research projects; Land use; Disasters; Knowledge

  • Summary of Awards; Transition Quarter 1976.
    January 1977, 56 p.
    Identifying Number(s): ['NSF-77-28', 'NSF/RA-770135']
    Keywords: ; Hazards; Grants; Reviews; Earthquakes; Air pollution; Weather modification; Natural resources; Research projects; Regional planning; Disasters

  • Summary of Awards 1975, Division of Advanced Environmental Research and Technology.
    January 1975, 137 p.
    Identifying Number(s): ['NSF-75-41', 'NSF/RA/E-75/215']
    Keywords: Hazards; Federal assistance programs; Water pollution; Rural areas; Grants; Earthquakes; Urban areas; Weather modification; Organic compounds; Trace contaminants; Land use; Nitrogen inorganic compounds; Energy; Air pollution; Environmental protection; Fires; Regional planning; Metals; Disasters; Environmental impacts; Investigations; Management planning; Research projects