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  • Crawford, G.; Mofjeld, H.; Weaver, C.
    Puget Sound Tsunami/Landslide Workshop. Summary.
    Geological Survey, Seattle, WA. Water Resources Div., January 2001, 36 p.
    Keywords: Local planning; Hazards; Tsunamis; Meetings; Emergency preparedness; Earthquakes; Partnerships; Ports; Landslides; Disaster planning; Puget Sound region; State planning; Bathymetry; Topography

  • McCaffrey, R.; Nabelek, J.
    Earthquake, Gravity, and the Origin of the Bali Basin: An Example of a Nascent Continental Fold-and-Thrust Belt.
    Air Force Geophysics Lab., Hanscom AFB, MA., January 10, 1987, 22 p.
    Keywords: Gravity; Ocean bottom topography; Ocean basins; Continental drift; Oceanic crust; Reprints; Lithosphere; Bali basin; Primary waves (Seismic waves); Gravitational fields; Earthquakes; North america; Tectonics; Bathymetry; Basins (Geographic); Subduction zones; Sources; East (Direction); Short range (Time); Deformation; Seismic waves; Thrust; Indonesia; Depth

  • Fornari, D. J.; Garcia, M. O.; Tyce, R. C.; Gallo, D. G.
    Morphology and Structure of Loihi Seamount Based on Seabeam Sonar Mapping.
    December 10, 1988, 16 p.
    Keywords: Mapping; Sonar; Seabeam sonar; Rift zones; Ocean bottom topography; Hawaii; Asymmetry; Ridges; Maps; Reprints; Volcanoes; Marine geology; Vents; Craters; Earthquakes; Morphology; Loihi Seamount; Valleys; Mass flow; Tectonics; Bathymetry; Sonar mapping; Volcanism; Multiple beams (Radiation); Rings; Mass wasting; Dikes; Multibeam sonar; Slope; Structural geology; Seamounts

  • Kong, L. S. L.
    Variations in Structure and Tectonics along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 23 deg N and 26 deg N.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., cJanuary 1990, 343 p.
    Identifying Number(s): WHOI-90-28
    Keywords: ; Theses; Geomorphology; Two-dimensional calculations; Earthquakes; Hydrothermal alteration; Geologic formations; Structural geology; Sea-floor spreading; Oceanic crust; Tectonics; Marine geology; Mid-Atlantic Ridge; Bathymetry