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  • Hazard Mitigation Strategy and Monitoring Technologies for Urban and Infrastructure Public Buildings: Proceedings of the China-US Workshops (on CD-ROM).
    State Univ. of New York at Buffalo., December 12, 2007,
    Keywords: Earthquake damage; Dynamic response; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Meetings; Seismic design; Research; China; Earthquake resistant structure; Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER); Collaboration; Proceedings; Structural engineering; Technology transfer; Technologies; Liquifaction; United States

  • Singh, R. K.; Smith, H. A.
    Vibration Analysis of Skeletal Systems Using a Mixed Formulation with an Arnoldi-Based Nonlinear Eigensolution Technique.
    National Science Foundation, Washington, DC., December 1993, 192 p.
    Keywords: ; Eigenvalues; Dynamic response; Vibration mode; Earthquake engineering; Structural vibration; Matrices (Mathematics); Finite element method; Vibration damping; Degrees of freedom; Resonant frequency; Structural analysis; Algorithms; Nonlinear systems

  • Monti, G.; Spacone, E.; Filippou, F. C.
    Model for Anchored Reinforcing Bars under Seismic Excitations.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., December 1993, 106 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-93/08
    Keywords: ; Dynamic response; Earthquake engineering; Earthquake resistant structures; Reinforcement (Structures); Anchors (Structural); Reinforcing materials; Reinforced concrete; Finite element method; Bond stress; Displacement; Yield strength; Structural analysis; Dynamic models; Cyclic loads

  • Dyke, S. J.; Spencer, B. F.; Quast, P.; Sain, M. K.; Kaspari, D. C.; Soong, T. T.
    Experimental Verification of Acceleration Feedback Control Strategies for an Active Tendon System.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.; New York State Science and Technology Foundation, Albany., August 29, 1994, 106 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NCEER-94-0024
    Keywords: Dynamic response; Earthquake resistant structures; Earthquake engineering; Stochastic processes; Feedback control; Controllers; Structural engineering; Active tendon systems; Computerized simulation; Transfer functions; Structural analysis; Control systems design

  • Teran-Gilmore, A.; Bertero, V. V.; Youssef, N.
    Seismic Rehabilitation of Framed Buildings Infilled with Unreinforced Masonry Walls Using Post-Tensioned Steel Braces.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., June 1995, 283 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-95/06
    Keywords: URM (Unreinforced Masonry); Earthquake resistance; Bracing; Dynamic structural analysis; Steel structures; Dynamic response; Reinforcing steels; Buildings; Masonry; Structural vibration; Earthquake engineering; Mechanical properties; EQGM (Earthquake Ground Motion); Reinforced concrete; Vibration damping; Stiffness; Frame structures; Columns (Supports); Beams (Structural); Retrofitting

  • Tan, H.; Chopra, A. K.
    Earthquake Analysis and Response of Concrete Arch Dams, July 1995.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA., July 1995, 188 p.
    Identifying Number(s): UCB/EERC-95/07
    Keywords: Arch dams; Seismic design; Soil-structure interactions; Impounded waters; Rock-fluid interactions; Damping; Southwestern Region (Colorado); Dam-foundation rock interactions; Frequency domain; Ground motion; Earthquake engineering; Dam foundations; Frequency response; Seismic effects; Seismic waves; Dynamic response; Dynamic structural analysis; Structural vibration; Dam-water interactions; Concrete dams; Morrow Point Dam; Dam design

  • Cheng, F. Y.; Suthiwong, S.
    Active Control for Seismic-Resistant Structures on Embedded Foundation in Layered Half-Space.
    National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.; National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Buffalo, NY., August 1996, 297 p.
    Identifying Number(s): STRUCTURAL SER-96-2
    Keywords: ; Dynamic response; Half spaces; Earthquake resistant structures; Earthquake engineering; Structural design; Soil-structure interactions; Foundations (Structures); Vibration damping; Stiffness; Coefficients; Active control; Degrees of freedom; Mathematical models; Algorithms; Excavation; Closed loop systems; Dynamic structural analysis

  • Sadek, F.; Mohraz, B.; Taylor, A. W.; Chung, R. M.
    Method of Estimating the Parameters of Tuned Mass Dampers for Seismic Applications.
    National Inst. of Standards and Technology (BFRL), Gaithersburg, MD. Structures Div., April 1996, 48 p.
    Keywords: Passive systems; Dynamic response; Seismic waves; Buildings; Earthquake engineering; Tuning; Loads (Forces); Structural vibration; Vibration damping; Dampers; Structural response; Seismic effects; Degrees of freedom; Passive control; Seismic loads; Energy dissipation

  • Phan, L. T.; Taylor, A. W.
    State of the Art Report on Seismic Design Requirements for Nonstructural Building Components.
    June 1996, 84 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NISTIR-5857
    Keywords: Earthquake damage; Dynamic response; Lighting equipment; Building codes; Damage assessment; Earthquake engineering; Seismic effect; Loads (Forces); Ceilings; Seismic design; Requirements; Displacement; Nonstructural components; Japan; Sprinkler systems; United States; New Zealand

  • Yancey, C. W.; Cheok, G. S.; Sadek, F.; Mohraz, B.
    Summary of the Structural Performance of Single-Family, Wood-Frame Housing.
    September 1998, 176 p.
    Identifying Number(s): NISTIR-6224
    Keywords: Earthquake damage; Performance evaluation; Structural damage; Damage assessment; Failure mode analysis; Design analysis; Dynamic response; Storm damage; Wood frame construction; Residential buildings; Wind effects; Seismic effects; Structural failure; Houses; Hurricanes; Dynamic structural analysis